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Community Organizing - Conservation Organizing

Community Organizing

    Interview with Clayton Daughenbaugh
    August 23, 2004 Chicago Indy Media
    Author of "Common Sense Democracy" and former Executive Director of the Save Our City Coalition in Chicago
    Listen to part 4 (mp3, 3.9 Mb, 17:07 minutes)
    Listen to part 5 (mp3, 3.2 Mb, 14:03 minutes)

    "Creating Local Democracy" with Clayton Daughenbaugh
    May 9, 2004 WILL-AM
    Keepin' The Faith features interviews on issues of spirituality, ethics, values and religion. It is a weekly live call-in show hosted by Steve Shoemaker, Executive Director of the University YMCA. Shoemaker holds a Ph.D. in Religion from Duke University.
    Listen to the interview

    Divide and Conquer or Unite and Prevail
    Overcoming America's civic malaise. Click here to read the presentation given for the Faculty Forum at the University of Illinois Y.M.C.A..

    Unequal Education: How the Chicago Public School District Distributes Its General Education Funds Among Its Grammar Schools
    The core funding for educational programs -- property tax dollars and general state aid -- is not distributed on an equitable, per pupil basis among Chicago's grammar schools.
    Read more about unequal education.

Conservation Organizing

    A Wilderness Icon: America's Red Rock Canyonlands
    Desert lands have long been a place for mystical and spiritual experiences. These public lands are among the most beautiful and most intact portions of Creation remaining. We have a great opportunity to act to protect these special places.
    Read the article, "A Wilderness Icon: America's Red Rock Canyonlands"

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