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    What is the issue and how do you know it is one? (an issue is a winnable and tangible concern, felt by a majority of the people, of whom sufficient numbers are willing to see it through to the end, which the effort to address will serve to build democratic organization within the community)

    How will you personalize the issue? (a helpful exercise here is to compose a simple story about the issue's significance in the life of individuals and/or the community)

    How will you demonstrate that the issue has the majority support of the community?

    Who are your initial spokespeople?

    Who is the target? (who can "deliver" what you need in order to win the issue)

    Who is the opposition? (maybe, maybe not, the same as the "target")

    How will you inform & involve the community during the campaign?

    What strengths and weaknesses does the opposition bring to the issue; how will you take advantage of the weaknesses and counter the strengths?

    What strengths and weaknesses does the organization bring to the issue; how will you utilize the strengths and correct, or compensate for, the weaknesses?

    What tactics will you employ to get the "target" to do what you want?

    How will the issue help develop the organization? (new leaders, new participants, new money)

    Do you have the money to pay for the planned activities; if not, can you get it; if so, how? Develop a six month workplan (what specific actions will you take when.)

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