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Clayton Daughenbaugh tells about an unexplainable knowing that came while hiking.

“My wife and I were day hiking at Guadalupe Mountains National Park in west Texas. We had completed a climb to the top of Guadalupe Peak and were on the way down. I was walking 100 yards or so ahead of her and was coming into a small ponderosa grove in what is otherwise a pretty wide-open Chihuahuan desert environment. I noticed the shade and the birds singing right away. As I walked further into it a very strange feeling came over me. It was as though I was a permanent part of that place. But there was also a feeling of imminence – as though I was on the edge or verge of an infinite place and time… I was at once a small and seemingly insignificant part of the universe yet somehow also an essential part of it all. There was a presence of being that seemed to uphold and permeate all that was around me. This lasted maybe ten minutes. I found it to be a very strange experience. Yet it didn’t seem all together unfamiliar, as though I’d experienced it before…”

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