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How to Complete the American Revolution in Your Neighborhood

Is there a problem in your neighborhood? Do the local institutions seem unresponsive? Are you wondering whether there is anything that can get your neighborhood's problem addressed? This book will help you get the job done.

Common Sense Democracy is a patriot's guide to retaking control of America's political system. It identifies the power held by run-of-the-mill, every day citizens and explains how and why it works. The book illustrates how, beginning on your own street, the people can accumulate the power necessary to call the shots in your community. It is a guide to the lost art of popular sovereignty.

Common Sense Democracy describes how power works from the bottom up. Although you may feel you have no input, power begins with you. The book will go through the steps you can take on your block, along with your neighbors, to create democracy on your street. It will explain how you can grow from a few small groups on several blocks to an organization empowering your entire community. You'll learn the qualities of leadership necessary to a properly functioning democratic organization and what professional skills you'll need from staff to support your organization.

Common Sense Democracy provides clear and practical guidance grounded in a solid analysis of how power works. Designed for contemporary political circumstances it does not neglect the lessons of history. Part manual and part manifesto it is concise - a quick read for 21st Century patriots. Do what this book suggests and you can help your community determine its own destiny.

Common Sense Democracy

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