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Common Sense Democracy: Table of Contents



      Missionaries for Democracy

      The Constitutional Void

      Creating Parallel Government

      The People's Power

      Laying the Foundation for Gaining Local Democratic Power

      The Rituals of Democracy

      From Ritual to Organization

      Reluctant Leaders

      Honorable Citizens: The Prerequisite for Democracy

      Professional Organizers

      "Laws of Nature and of Nature's God"


      Appendix One: he Save Our City Coalition Principles and Philosophy of Local Democratic Organizing

      Appendix Two: lunteer Leadership

      Appendix Three: tructure and Dynamics of a Community Organization

      Appendix Four: Developing a Strategic Plan for Winning an Issue

      Appendix Five: An Organizer's Job

      Appendix Six: mending Democracy into the Constitution

      Appendix Seven: Excerpts from Thomas Jefferson's Letters Describing the 'Ward-Republic'


      End Notes

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