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How to Complete the American Revolution in Your Neighborhood

Long time community organizer and wilderness activist, Clayton Daughenbaugh has written"Common Sense Democracy: How To Complete the American Revolution In Your Neighborhood". The book -- part manual and part manifesto is a guide for how individuals can accumulate the power necessary to call the shots in their communities, starting with their own street and block. Clayton's nearly twenty years of experience as a community organizer is the primary source of the book's content.


About the Author

Clayton Daughenbaugh Clayton Daughenbaugh worked as a neighborhood organizer in Chicago for eighteen years beginning with the Northwest Neighborhood Federation and moving on to become the Executive Director of the Southwest Parish and Neighborhood Federation and later the Save Our City Coalition. Among his successes was turning back the tide of blockbusting that once overwhelmed racially diverse and changing Chicago neighborhoods -- coordinating the efforts of door-to-door volunteers who collected thousands of signatures of neighborhood residents who joined legally enforceable lists blocking unwanted solicitations by real estate agents. Clayton also helped establish hundreds of "Block Watches" which joined together into community networks to combat street gangs. This neighborhood safety and anti-crime work included the creation of a taxpayer funded security patrol to supplement the work of the police in Chicago's Marquette Park community. His career as a community organizer began in central Illinois where he established a branch of the Champaign County Health Care Consumers to serve Coles County.

Clayton has spent years as a volunteer leader in wilderness campaigns and worked as a conservation organizer for the Sierra Club and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance. Clayton was the manager of the 'Groundswell Sierra' campaign to defend the Sierra Club from an attempted outside takeover by anti-immigrant organizations in its 2004 Board of Directors election which garnered 90% of the votes cast. The 171,000 ballots constituted one of the highest voter turnouts for an American non-profit Board of Directors election in the nation's history. A noteworthy success of his volunteer efforts was the recruitment of Illinois Senator Richard Durbin as the lead sponsor of "America's Redrock Wilderness Act" which would designate over 9 million acres of wilderness in Utah.

Clayton also did local organizing around food and poverty concerns as part of a two year assignment as a United Methodist Home Missionary (US-2) in Cincinnati and has been active in local churches all his life -- currently serving on the Environmental Justice Committee of First United Methodist Church in LaGrange, IL.

His education includes a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Southern Methodist University, training in local organizing from the Midwest Academy and the Gamaliel Foundation, in political campaigns from the Democratic National Training Academy, and in fundraising from the Fund Raising School at Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy. He graduated from high school in Charleston, Illinois in 1975.

He lives with his wife Lisa and their two children, Luke and Sam, in a near west Chicago suburb. Born in Dallas, most of his childhood was spent in the New Orleans area.

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